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EZ Threads is conveniently located in Downtown San Francisco

At EZ Threads, we love helping our clients feel and look their very best. As licensed estheticians, we specialize in eyebrow threading, body waxing, hair removal, no laser permanent hair removal, chemical peels, facials, and skin care. We offer a personalized experience for each client using virtually painless techniques for precise and envy-worthy results. Most of all, we're proud to provide superior services at reasonable prices.


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Nikita R.

I have been a regular here for 4 years . I always go in for the face waxing eyebrow service! Trust me you won't find a place better than here. Mamta is the best. She really takes good care to make sure the wax doesn't hurt or ruin skin. I have dry and sensitive skin but I've never been disappointed after waxing here. Their full body waxing and facial service is totally recommended!

Maddie H.

I LOVE this place!! Guyah is an absolute miracle worker. I always went to the same person when I lived in Florida and had so much trouble finding someone I could trust in the city. I have thick brows and am super particular about the shape so it really matters to me. I showed Guyah a photo of my brows from back before I moved to SF and she worked with me over literally months to get me back to where I was. They take walk ins it's right in the fidi so you can pop in during lunch at work. $15 before tip and $18 with 20% which is a steal in downtown SF.

Nicole A.

I LOVE this place. I recently moved to SF from Berkeley and one of my priorities was to find a trustworthy threading place. I came across this place on Yelp and decided to check it out after work one day. Let me say, I never turned back. The ladies at EZ Threads know what they're doing. Gentle, courteous, professional-- these women provide the best threading service I've come across in the city. I have yet to experience any issues with their service: no cuts, no mistakes, always clean and precise service.

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211 Sutter Street, San Francisco, CA 94108

Suite # 703

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